Jesus gave you the gift of eternal life as

an Easter Present. Giving Easter Presents*

to friends is a good way to thank Jesus.

*Or Christmas, birthday, & anniversary presents

If you are concerned for the salvation and eternal life of friends and loved ones, you should give them Easter Presents – any season for any reason.

For only $1.00, Amazon will send You Can Have a Great Date with God – He has Spoken – His Tomb is Empty as a gift to a friend or loved one, and include your personal note – at no additional cost. With this eBook in their Kindle bookshelf, a recipient can read and review it – over and over again – using a PC, tablet, or smart phone. If you are an Amazon Prime Member, your can read it at no cost, since your dues paid for your right to borrow it. Read it, and you will want to give it.

Chapter one explains the Gospel. Its author, Bob Prall, was a staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ, (now Cru) and developed this presentation of the gospel during many evangelistic meetings with skeptical college students in college coffee shops (but it is more than the Four Spiritual Laws), and then as the pastor of Grace Bible Church, in College Station, Texas. Chapter two presents compelling prophecies that identify Jesus Christ as the Messiah. It is also chapter seven in Bob's longer book, The Master Plot of the Bible. Chapter three examines rock solid evidence that verifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ. These are the topics the Apostle Paul introduced in Romans 1:1-4. Bob calls them, The Romans Road Map for Evangelism:

The Gospel

Messianic prophecies

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Digitally this eBook is small, so your friends and loved ones can keep it handy for many years in their Kindle bookshelf for review using a PC, tablet, or even their smart phoned. The web page is funded by royalties, and Amazon does not send information about eBook purchasers to authors. So there are no requests for donations or reports. Bob will find out what happened when he is in Heaven.

If your gift is for someone who has already trusted in Jesus as their Savior, you should spend a few more dollars and give them The Master Plot of the Bible and/or As You are Going... Make Disciples (info for both is below). But at only $1.00 for You Can Have a Great Date with God – He has Spoken – His Tomb is Empty, you can afford to send several gifts (some might have eternal value) to friends, loved ones, and associates.

This three chapter eBook is the best one to send to skeptics because it is shorter, and gets right to the Gospel and Christian evidences. The following suggested notes can be copied and edited:

Suggestion for your note to a loved one:

I know I am forgiven and will go to heaven when I die. The three chapters in this eBook include a clear explanation of the Good News and verifying evidences that assure us that Jesus is our resurrected Savior. Please consider it as an Easter Present (or whatever). I love you and look forward to our eternity together in glory.

Suggestion for your note to a friend or associate:

I know I am forgiven and will go to heaven when I die. Please consider this short eBook as a personal gift. It will explain some good news and solid evidences that Jesus Christ is our resurrected and living Savior. I look forward to our eternity together in glory.

Write out your notes before you go to Amazon to purchase the gifts. And be sure you have each recipient’s correct e-mail address. Amazon will do the sending, to almost any place in the world. -- $1.00

The Spanish translation is also only $1.00 from:

Please send this web page to parents and grandparents who have a loved one who is a church dropout, or at risk of becoming one.

After doubters and skeptics trust in Jesus as their Savior, and are baptized, you don't want them to become church drop-outs. So you should encourage your church to have Amazon send the eBook version of The Master Plot of the Bible as BAPTISM PRESENTS.

For most new believers, the Bible is new to them. I remember when I was a new adult believer, and felt like I was in a group where everyone else knew everything, and I did not know anything. I have met others who remember their early years as a believer and say they felt the same way. If asked, many church dropouts would probably admit they have had semilar negative experiences.

This book will help new believers understand the Bible and reinforce their faith in Jesus Christ. For some, it will also help them understand sermons and other Bible studies, because understanding context improves comprehension.

While that shorter book is better for skeptical unbelievers, my book The Master Plot of the Bible is a better gift for believers, because It will help them understand the Old Testament roots for the gospel. It is also a good gift for churches to give as Baptism Presents to help prevent dropouts. Your church will get e-mail addresses so Amazon can send it, and should then use them to send several e-mails in the critical first year, and annual e-mail reminders of their baptism birthdays, that encourage them to read or review the eBook in their Kindle library. The $3 cost per gift will be a prudent investment to help make disciples.

When some missionaries read The Master Plot of the Bible, they decided to translate it into French, Spanish, Portuguese and several other languages, and to use it to help train indigenous pastors in their mission's churches. Read the condensation of the first chapter and chapter summaries at:, and you will want to give it -- because you will know it can help prevent some dropouts.

Amazon does not send info about the recipients of the eBook your church gives to the author, so the follow-up is a responsibility of your local church.

If you send someone a link to this web page, remember that it is dot info, not dot com. When Bob registered this web address, dot com was used to sell candy. But INFO about the Gospel is sweeter than candy. So remember, it is at: Easter Presents dot info. Then tell your Christian friends about it so they will also be SWEET GIVERS.

More information is at:

Giving skeptics Great Commission

Business cards is a good way

to plant evangelistic seeds

You can help fulfill the Great Commission

by sending this web page to church leaders and encourage them to distribute the cards

$90 will cover the total cost to plant 5,000 evangelistic seeds, and that will probably just be a starter.

If your gift is for a student, you should consider Word Dynamics. It's an eBook that has chapters that work like flash cards for memorizing 500 roots, prefixes, and suffixes (most are Latin vocabulary building blocks). Every student should memorize them before taking an SAT or ACT. That will also accelerate the growth of their vocabulary for the rest of their lives.

Word Dynamics includes all three chapters from You Can Have a Great Date with God – He has Spoken – His Tomb is Empty, so your don't need to purchase both eBooks. .(The end of some vocabulary chapters have prompts and links a student can click to read one of the extra chapters). More info about this $4.77 eBook is in:

Author Bob Prall turned 82 in 2018, but is continuing to minister because the Great Commission has not been fulfilled. In the previous three years, Bob helped mentor Lu, a graduate student from China, at Texas A&M University. Lu has now decided to serve his Lord as a missionary, and his Chinese passport may open doors of opportunity not available to American missionaries. A dynamic story about his call to missions is at: That link also includes an article, How to be a missionary, even if you never take a mission trip.

The Master Plot of the Bible - $3.00

If sent as a gift, Amazon will include your personal note.

Bob Prall wrote this book after teaching the content many times over a span of thirty-five years. For many years he thought he made a mistake by self-publishing it, But he now knows God led him in that decision so he can allow Amazon Prime members to borrow and read it at no cost.

In early 2018, some missionaries read it and asked for permission to translate it into French, Spanish, Portuguese, and several other languages. Bob gave them permission, royalty free. Their plans are to print it and use it to help indigenous pastors in mission churches understand and teach the Bible.

The imperative in the Great Commission is to “make disciples.” The how is “teaching them.”

Good teachers give supplemental homework reading assignments. Every church should assign this book as a supplemental reading assignment to every member and attendee. Assign it, and you will probably have some attendees want to get baptized.

Remember, this is a supplement. The pastor need not coordinate it with his sermons, or the subjects taught in classes. Just get people to read it, and it will help prepare people to understand messages on any topic in the Bible, because understanding context improves comprehension (a repeat because that is important).

Click here for info on purchasing a paper version.

The last four paragraphs from Chapter #1

explain the title of this book:

A common response to the title of this book is,What do you mean by the Plot of the Bible?” Webster has several definitions for the word plot, including “the plan or main story of a literary work” and “a secret plan for accomplishing an (often evil or unlawful) end.” As we proceed through the Bible, we will see its plot is not secret, evil, or unlawful, but is more than just “the main plan or story of a literary work.” The Bible’s plot definitely includes the concept of: “an intelligently planned course of action designed to accomplish an end or purpose.”

While the human authors of the Bible were unaware that their writings were going to become a part of a larger book with a central plot, God chose to progressively reveal His plan through the writings of men whom He selected and inspired. The result is a “Book of Books” written by many men from several centuries. This book of many books has an amazing unity, and one central plot that begins in Genesis, and flows through the Bible to the book of the Revelation.

To prepare you for the rest of this book, the foundation for the Bible’s plot rests on certain covenants and prophetic promises that God made in the Old Testament, which provide the basis for His action on our behalf -- actions recorded in the New Testament. Understanding these promises, and God’s work to fulfill them, helps us understand the Bible’s plot. When the plot is understood, the individual parts of the Bible, that rest on the primary message, become much more meaningful.

Like the opening of a rose bud, the Bible’s plot unfolds gradually. When the full bloom is viewed, it is a magnificent creation. It is because of this gradual development, within a very long book, that the plot is often missed by many believers. In this book, we will skip over much of the material that rests on the main plot, not because it is unimportant, but to help you, the reader, grasp the main flow of biblical truth. Then you will be prepared to joyfully appreciate the many “buds” that spring off of the “main stem.” Please be patient as we begin -- the flower will gradually reach full bloom.

You can encourage people to read The Master Plot of the Bible by getting them to read a condensation of its first chapter, and short summaries of the other chapters. It is all printable from:

As You are Going... Make Disciples $3.00

Amazon Prime Members can borrow it at no cost

If sent as a gift, Amazon will include your personal note.

Click here for info on purchasing a paper version

After finishing The Master Plot of the Bible, friends asked Bob if he was going to write another book. At first he responded, “It took me thirty years to write my first book, and I don’t think I have another thirty years.” But he did come up with a second thirty-year book, and titled it, As You Are Going... Make Disciples (a literal translation of the Great Commission in Matthew 20:28).

Jesus taught by telling stories. So this book uses entertaining stories to teach and encourage personal evangelism. Some are from Bob's personal witnessing in college coffee shops. While they entertain, each story was selected to teach something that may help believers share their faith in Jesus Christ. You will enjoy reading this storybook.

It can also help you recall scripture when witnessing

When Jesus was challenged in the wilderness, He responded with Scripture. The eBook version has chapters that function like flash cards to help you memorize 130 Bible verses that focus on the person and work of Jesus Christ. You probably have some of the verses memorized from reading them over an over again in the Bible, but can't always recall their locations. This memory exercise will give you instant recall when you want to use a verse in its context, either person to person, or when preaching, teaching, or speaking.

This eBook is good supplemental reading, and memorizing the verses is good preparation, for your church’s evangelism training.

Endorsements from some Christian leaders:

Bob Prall attacks the problem of disciple making. His book, As You are Going... Make Disciples will motivate believers to think strategically in their personal evangelism. Bob understands that the Gospel is the main priority, and skillfully uses apologetics to enforce the message of the Gospel. This book will motivate people to action -- using stories to communicate that evangelism can be an exciting and rewarding adventure.

Dr. Charles Stanley -- Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia

The day of the parable, which Jesus used so skillfully to communicate the most profound truth, is not over. The anecdotal, narrative method can be one of the most effective means of witnessing, as Bob Prall demonstrates in this intriguing book. Here is a practical, yet entertaining approach, a guidebook on how to win souls for Jesus Christ, from a soldier of the cross who knows what it is to be on the firing line.

D. James Kennedy, Ph.D. -- Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

Bob Prall has set out for his reader several very practical and relevant methods for communicating the good news of Jesus Christ. Drawing from his reservoir of his own life, he makes sharing Jesus an imperative responsibility for every believer at every time. As You are Going... Make Disciples is not a textbook for how to witness; it is a mandate. It is my hope that every believer who reads this mandate becomes fired with the excitement to share the wonderful truth of Christ.

Mark O. Hatfield -- United States Senator from Oregon, Retired

I first met Bob Prall in 1962 when he was one of my students at Western Seminary, and I should add, the reigning Oregon State Amateur Golf Champion. Bob had accepted Christ about three years after graduating from the University of Oregon. Recognizing his need for preparation in the Word of God, he enrolled in seminary just six months after he became a believer. I remember Bob as an enthusiastic new Christian with a burning heart for evangelism. After graduating from Western Seminary, he joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ. As a speaker at some of their conferences, I followed Bob’s ministry for many years when he ministered on campuses across America. Later, as a visiting speaker, I observed first hand his ministry as pastor of Grace Bible Church in College Station, Texas. During his pastorate the church grew from just 30 members to a church with a dynamic outreach to professors and students in that university community. God gave Bob a heart for evangelism that continues to burn, and it is my prayer that many believers will read his book, As You are Going... Make Disciples, and catch his vision and zeal for sharing the Gospel.

Earl D. Radmacher, ThD, President Emeritus, Western Seminary

Bob Prall’s book, As You are Going... Make Disciples, is one of those books followers of Christ need in their arsenal. High school kids who desire to share the good news with their friends will find this fun and easy to read book helpful and motivating. The real life stories of people making a difference during their everyday journey of faith will fire you up to join the battle.

John Wayland -- Regional Director, Young Life

If you learn by listening

Much of the content in Bob's books, and more, is also in audio mp3 albums. The albums are titled: How to Share Your Faith, .Understanding Bible Prophecy, The Resurrection – His and Yours, .and Yes but FAQ's. The last title is for answers to questions often asked by skeptics. You can purchase the set of four for only $8.97. Each album is a little over an hour long. They are good gifts for young believers. While the How to Share Your Faith album speaks to believers, the other three are also good gifts for skeptics. You can purchase the three as a set for $7.97 from CDBaby. But they do not include personal notes, so you should also send an e-mail to the recipient if you give it as a gift.

The leaders of your church youth group should listen to these messages. They will not get them to change what they are doing, but listening to these messages will help equip them for their own mentoring ministries.

Information about these audio mp3 albums is at:

When Bob graduated from Western Seminary in Portland, in 1964, he began his ministry on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ (now CRU). During his eight years on the Campus Crusade staff, The Jesus People Movement erupted in California, multiplied, and migrated all over America. In 1972, Bob left the Campus Crusade staff when he was called to be the pastor of Grace Bible Church, then a small church in Bryan, Texas. During his pastorate Bob lead in moving the church to twin-city College Station -- where it has been greatly blessed.

Late in his life, Bob is now an Evangelism Encourager, and he wants America to have a Second Jesus People Movement before he goes to be with his Savior. A web page with more info about his evangelism strategies is at:

And be sure you check out the Great Commission Business cards by going to

Bob calls them cyber-tracts

Bob does not have an organization you can join. The royalties from your purchase of these eBooks provide the financial resources for maintaining this web page, and the web pages cited on Great Commission Business cards. (The royalties will be paid into a trust after Bob goes to be with the Lord, so the web pages can stay active).

The eBooks are priced to encourage believers to send these evangelistic books to many friends and loved ones. There are no requests for donations, and Amazon does not give authors information about purchasers, so you are assured that there will not be any follow-ups or financial requests sent to recipients of your gifts.

Please help share the Gospel and Christian evidences by sending the links in this web page to your Christian friends – especially pastors & leaders.

This web page is at www . EasterPresents . info

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Information about Bob's evangelism strategies is also at:

www . gospelgiftbooks . com

Bob Prall, PO Box 73486, Houston, TX 77273-3486

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At my age (82), I can't promise a response.